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Facebook Million Likes Challenge
Facebook Million Likes Challenge

Momservation: It’s not bribery—it’s reward based encouragement.

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Apparently, I’ve been going about this all wrong.

Here I was trying to get people to like me by hoping to give them a chuckle, maybe some useful parenting tips, or even a satisfyingly good tear-jerker now again with my Momservations blog.

Who knew all I had to do was post an If-I-Get-a-Million-Likes photo to Facebook by way of an adorable kid with an irresistible plea—you’re golden!...

I’ve enlisted the help of one of my children (the one the other two will argue is my favorite). But I’ve learned the cuter the better, so I think this one’s the best choice. I’ve also thrown in the irresistible urge to help factor. Trust me, if you guys get me to 1,000 Likes—Darby won’t just be my best friend anymore. She will be eternally grateful and loyal to all of you who made her fondest wish come true:..

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