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I Had A Dream I Had Breast Cancer - I DID!
I Had A Dream I Had Breast Cancer - I DID!

I Had A Dream I Had Breast Cancer – I DID!

Hi!  I am Lisa O’Hara, Contributor to News10 My Neighborhood for the past three years.   So many events, taking photos and writing articles, informing our community of the great nonprofit organizations which serve our community, brought me to “Race for the Cure” last year which touched my heart deeply as I was photographing women whose survivor-strength shown on their faces, the family members who attended their mother, wife, daughter, aunt, niece and perhaps neighbor who was there to run “The Race For The Cure. “ There were many who as they ran, walked or were in wheelchairs and still undergoing various treatments, showed courage and resiliency for either their “noted year of survival” or the remembrance of a loved one whose life was taken by breast cancer. 

The Community of Sacramento comes together to support and raise monies that are so desperately needed to continue the battle against breast cancer. 

Now, I wish to share my story:  August 13, 2013, I awoke, having had a dream that I had breast cancer of my left breast.   The next morning, I awoke with having dreamt that I was attending the “Race For The Cure,” but I did not have my camera in hand.  No, I was to join in the run! 

With mammogram requisition held with a magnet on my refrig, it had not been a year since my last mammogram.  Thank the Lord I had these dreams because there was NO family history of breast cancer, no urgency would have been noted.  No prior abnormal mammograms and was now age 61.   I might have put off this mammogram for 3-6 months, which my breast surgeon assured me, could have allowed the spread of my diagnosed Triple Negative Breast Cancer. It had not spread into the lymph nodes. 

October 23, 2013, I underwent a double mastectomy and due to 7 mm versus 8 mm size of tumor, I was allowed the grace not to undergo chemotherapy. 

As I approach the date of October 23, 2014, now a one-year-survivor, I am entering into the second year – and – there is a very important lesson I’ve learned:  We breast cancer survivors now enter into what I call the grief stage of this diagnosis.  We man-up for the battle to fight, but the let-down has to come. It came!

I was side-swiped by this, as tears which evidently were put on hold while undergoing this past year of not only physical trauma, but emotional trauma – I have wept so deeply that the tears shed actually feel like rain drops as I bow my head in prayer for the grace our Lord has bestowed upon me (for His reason, not mine).  Women friends who have not undergone this diagnosis, are unaware of why I should be “grieving” when I am entering into the second year of survival.  I should be doing the happy-dance.  Well, it does not work that way, I have come to find.  And, I so needed to share this with survivors entering into this second stage, I call it, to expect the tears and depression to hit – for it will! And, with the knowledge that this in all probability will happen to you, be not afraid...you are not going backwards - you are going forwards, one day at a time!

I would like to share my email address for any women who might be interested in a “Second Year Survival Support Group” I wish to start.  

Please contact me for arranged meetings to share our lives, our feelings, our destinies:   


Blessings upon all who read this and, please, do not feel alone.  You are not alone! 

Lisa O’Hara, Contributor News10 My Neighborhood
Community Chaplain Candidate, Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, 2013
Post-Community Chaplain, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, Sacramento, 2011-2013




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