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Getting Green in the 2012 - how homeowners can get some green while they go green!

Getting Green in the 2012 - how homeowners can get some green while they go green!

Green Gardening is all about the wise use of water in our landscapes … for the benefit of our rivers, our air, and even our soil. Oh, yes, and us, too! Green gardening works because it's in harmony with the natural world. Rather than fighting nature, you're working with nature.

The principles are simple -

98 Rock to unveil listener's home makeover

98 Rock to unveil listener's home makeover

This past holiday season for the 8th year running, California’s Rock Station - 98 Rock - granted Christmas Wishes as part of the “27 Days of Christmas".  Whether the motivation is selfish greed or simply someone wanting to selflessly make a wish for someone in need, 98 Rock made wishes come true.

One wish received was a simple one.  Karen is a 38 year old woman living with Cerebral Palsy.  Her world is difficult enough to live in, let along trying to visit her parent's home.  Challenges in simply getting around.  Challenges in communicating with others.  Even her parents home wasn’t handicapped accessible.  Her wish was for someone to make their home more accessible.  As it was, she couldn’t get out of her car, approach their door, or get into the house without risking hurting herself. 

98 Rock read the wish and granted it.  With the help of Thomas Lindsley of BBM Construction and Consulting and Eric Jones of On The L

Gallery showcase: The Ayana Bath Caddy

Gallery showcase: The Ayana Bath Caddy

Our friend Ms Lady Goats has done it again!  She literally built this fine friend the day it posted!  I adore the color, and I’m pretty fond of the final use for it, that she settled on…

What would you use it for?

I was thinking this would be fabulous for my own personal needs to make it a tad wider and use it for filing and paper!

Free DIY Furniture Plans for this unit can be found here…and to read about her build, visit her here~

Free real estate mobile app launched

Cheri Elliott, one of America’s most legendary cyclist and locally well known as “The Broker on a Bike,” announced the launch of her free real estate mobile app.

The app uses GPS, when available, to locate the user and instantly display real estate listings in the immediate area. No more having to pull flyers.  You can see and save all the listings details and photos on the spot. Users can also search by address, city or zip code to see property details for all homes for sale in a specified area, including price, square footage, estimated mortgage, taxes, features, maps, pictures and more. The “Refine Search” feature lets users select a price range, property type and the number of beds and baths to help them find just what they’re looking for. 

It works on standard cell phones, smartphones, and iPhones/iPads across all mobile carriers.   Cheri explains, “This tool is extremely powerful.