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Hoverboard causes fire in Folsom home | News

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Hoverboard causes fire in Folsom home

A hoverboard by Smart Balance Wheel caught fire and caused one family in Folsom $5,000 in property damage. According to the Folsom Fire Department, firefighters arrived to a house fire Saturday along Palomino Court where they found a burning hoverboard inside the home.

"The hoverboard, when it did catch fire, was inside the hallway and the hoverboard was up against the carpet," Captain Phil Challinor said.

After the fire was extinguished, further investigation found the hoverboard was plugged into a wall outlet using the charger/transformer that had been provided with the toy. 

The homeowner, who did not want to be identified, said word needs to get out about the dangerous device. He said the device had been charged for about 45 minutes before it was unplugged. He and his children left the home. His wife stayed behind. She reported hearing hissing and popping and a short while later, there was an explosion followed by a fire. The homeowner said battery fragments flew as far as 15 feet, hitting his wife. She was not seriously hurt. The woman ran across the street for help because of the fire.

"I could see the flames coming and then realized it was one of those hoverboards. The flames were pretty big in size. Her wall was completely engulfed.  I immediately put it out," neighbor Luis Huerta said.

Hoverboard fires have broken out nationwide. Huerta says it's scary because it could happen to anyone.
"We almost bought one," said Huerta. "Until it hits close to home, for us it was very close to home, you don't think it going to happen. But it did."

The owner got his hoverboard six weeks ago. He said there may be some wear and tear now on the batteries. He said most people just got their hoverboard two weeks ago, around Christmas.

Firefighters said this is the very first hoverboard fire they've responded to in the area. But they fear there may be more fires in the near future.


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