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Wanted man tried to hide from deputies on home’s roof

A wanted man tried to hide from El Dorado County sheriff’s deputies on the roof of a home while his girlfriend used her pit bull to keep deputies at bay early Sunday morning.

Ryan Walker, 38, was wanted for a vehicle theft and armed robbery that happened in July, a felony vehicle pursuit with deputies last Monday and other crimes, Lt. Tom Murdoch said.

When deputies arrived at the home around 3 a.m. Sunday in the 3400 block of Montero Road in Cameron Park, they stopped Walker’s girlfriend as she was leaving. As deputies talked to the woman, her pit bull went after them. Murdoch said the woman used the pit bull to keep deputies away. When other deputies arrived at the home, they were able to detain the pit bull and the girlfriend.

It's time to talk about Folsom Lake

One of the marvels of the modern world is the faucet. For as long as anybody can remember, you walk over to your faucet, turn it on, and out comes clean fresh water.

But it's not like this for many parts of the world, and we are lucky in the United States because we have dependable clean water. We are also lucky right here in California because with all of the droughts over the years, and some of them have been severe and long lasting, we have never had a truly severe water crisis. In other words, we have never had a situation for a large populated area where you go to the tap, and nothing comes out.

This time could be different because the entire system is getting stressed from top to bottom and the extreme dry, and warm years have put us in a place we simply haven't been before. The snow pack was essentially non-existent this year as was the crucial spring melt that can add a third or more of our water supply for the summer.

Hundreds gather to remember fallen deputy and coach

More than 300 friends, family members and former teammates of Carlos "Diamond" Francies filled the amphitheater at Cordova High School Tuesday night to remember the fallen deputy.

The football player turned coach and deputy drowned in South Lake Tahoe last Thursday.

Officials say the 30-year-old Contra Costa Sherriff's deputy was off duty when he jumped into deep water to save a friend he thought was close to drowning.

"That just goes and shows you what type of person he was," said Drew Griffin, Francies' best friend. "He would put his life before anybody else."

As hundreds of candles flickered Tuesday night - the large turnout showed the impact Diamond had on the community.

70 inmates involved in new Folsom prison riot; infamous 'San Quentin Six' member killed

At least one inmate was killed during a riot at new Folsom prison Wednesday afternoon involving dozens of prisoners. Around 1 p.m., CDCR authorities said inmates started fighting in one of the California State Prison, Sacramento's general population outside exercise yards. They said "inmate-made weapons" were used in the riot.

The dead inmate was identified as Hugo Pinell, age 71. Pinell had a long rap sheet of violence and was part of the "infamous 'San Quentin Six' involved in a deadly 1971 attack," according to the CDCR.

Officers used pepper spray and at least two warning shots in their efforts to subdue the fighting, which lasted about 20 minutes. No staff was injured during the incident. 

If there is a mic and a stage, they will come; Kevin Costner performs in Folsom

FOLSOM – If you're a fan of Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, The Bodyguard, Tin Can (catch the theme here?), there's a band you might want to check out in Folsom.

Kevin Costner & Modern West are performing at the Harris Center on Friday and Saturday nights.

"Most of the songs people are going to hear tonight were written on the sets of the movies," Costner said Friday before the performance.

Costner said he had a band before his acting career ever started, and he is loves performing in front of a crowd.

Folsom Lake: 'It looks like a desert'

The drought is taking its toll on many of the state reservoirs -- and Folsom Lake is no exception.

If you've been to the lake recently, it may seem like a never ending journey trekking down to where sand and water meet.

"It was just desolate out there, it looks like a desert," said Devin Shively, who was visiting with his family from San Jose. "I know we're in a drought, but I did not expect the water level to be this low."

The Bureau of Reclamation manages the water, which now stands at 383 feet in elevation. That's the third lowest it's been on this date.

"If this drought continues to go on, it's going to be progressively worse," said Drew Lessard with the Bureau of Reclamation.

Only two other years has the water level been even lower. The worst was in 1977 when the water stood at 347 feet. There is concern that the record could be broken this year.

Sacramento libraries help teens find self-help books quietly

Sacramento libraries help teens find self-help books quietly

The Sacramento Public Library is getting some attention for a great idea that makes it easier for teens to help themselves with problems like depression, abuse and eating disorders.

Justin Azevedo, a librarian at the Arcade branch put together a list with issues teenagers sometimes deal with but are difficult to talk about. Next to each topic is the code that leads you to a self-help book.

"Whether it's something as seemingly mild as acne or whether it's something more serious like being in an abusive relationship," Sacramento Public Library teen librarian Molly Milazzo said. "These are the kinds of topics, especially when you are young, that you want to be able to handle quietly."