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External stairway collapses in Folsom, kills one person


A 27-year-old man was killed after an external stairway collapsed, according to Folsom police Sgt. Andrew Bates.

The stairway collapse, which happened between the second and third floors, happened at 2:41 p.m. on 180 South Lexington Drive in Folsom. W

hen police and firefighters arrived after hearing reports of a stairway collapse, emergency workers found the man. Despite treatment, he was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Folsom police. The victim has not been identified yet.

Cattle Drive in Historic Folsom Scheduled For Wednesday Cancelled Due To High Heat!

Cattle Drive in Historic Folsom Scheduled For Wednesday Cancelled Due To High Heat!
Cattle Drive in Historic Folsom Scheduled For Wednesday Cancelled Due To High Heat!

The Cattle Drive scheduled for this Wednesday, July 1st has been CANCELLED due to the high heat. Expectations for Wednesdays high is 110.  The Folsom Chamber of Commerce has just announced the cancellation stating concern over the health and well being of the families, and volunteers, and livestock that come out for the event. Lets hope for cooler temps next year folks. This is only the second time ever that the Cattle Drive had to be cancelled. 2013 temperatures were to high as well.

Hot conditions force Folsom Cattle Drive cancellation

Wednesday's hot weather forecast has forced the cancellation of the Folsom Cattle Drive, which is the kick off for the city's professional rodeo event, coordinators announced Tuesday.

"We feel the safety of the public especially children and seniors who love to watch this annual tradition is vital so we are addressing this issue proactively," Grand Marshall of the Folsom Pro Rodeo and board member Marshal Crossan said.

As temperatures cool on Thursday, July 2, the Folsom Chamber of Commerce said fans are invited to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday weekend with rodeo action, motocross and spectacular nightly fireworks.

The chamber said attendees will be able to stay cool this year thanks to Big Fogg -- a 15-by-15 foot high pressure, inflatable mister.

Folsom man builds casino for HBO's 'True Detective'

If you watch HBO's True Detective then you have already been to Vinci Gardens, a fictitious casino run by Vince Vaughn's character Frank Semyon. Eric Cieri, owner of 916 Poker Depot in Folsom designed and created the set.

The road to Hollywood has been a long one. Cieri turned a hobby into a business with just $100.

"There was a time when I woke up at six in the morning and worked until after midnight, seven days a week for months and months on end," Cieri said.

His company now sits on 8,000 square feet and includes a workshop, showroom and offices, but it certainly didn't start out that way.

"I wanted to make a custom poker table that would entertain my friends and family and they could come over and we could have a good time," he said.

In spite of being a third generation woodworker, Cieri said he had no idea how to make a poker table.

Bear goes for a swim in Folsom Lake


In this heat, everyone could use a nice cold swim to cool off, animals included.

An El Dorado Hills man was on Folsom Lake Saturday morning when he spotted an animal swimming in the water.

It wasn't a dog. Or a coyote. Or a pig for that matter. Swimming casually in the cold lake water was a bear!

Tony Mygatt said he was sitting in his boat in a little cove and reading his book when he saw something swimming toward him. He grabbed his phone, snapped a photo and then began to film the bear.

River dangers grow as water levels fall lower

FOLSOM - Bystanders at a popular jumping cliff on Lake Natoma had to help an injured man who leaped from China Wall, but never made it into the water.

"Kids like to jump off of it. You have to jump quite a ways out to clear the actual cliff. So if you don't jump out far enough, you hit the cliff," Folsom firefighter Clint Madden said.

Madden was part of the water rescue team that carried the man to an ambulance. The man, who is in his 30s, did not suffer life-threatening injuries and was taken to UC Davis Medical Center for treatment.

Firefighters said the popular jumping spot can be dangerous even for those who make the leap all the way into the water.

Folsom Dam operator will float pumps if lake drops too low

FOLSOM - The Bureau of Reclamation is preparing a barge with 11 floating pumps to continue providing tap water to hundreds of thousands of people if the level of Folsom Lake drops below the water supply outlet built into the dam.

"We're just making a prudent decision now based on what could happen," Bureau spokesperson Erin Curtis said.

The Bureau first began considering floating pumps last year as the lake approached a record low level of 357 feet above sea level -- just 40 feet above the center of the outlet that provides domestic water to the cities of Roseville and Folsom, Folsom Prison and the San Juan Water District.

The plan was shelved when late season rain and snowmelt brought the lake level up 68 feet by early May.