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Colin Quinn's Unconstitutional

Colin Quinn's Unconstitutional


2014 Weekly Challenge #2 - Drink your Water!

2014 Weekly Challenge #2 - Drink your Water!


Drinking lots of a water is one of the easiest way to improve your health and change your body. We recommend that you drink 80 to 100 ounces every single day.

Other than the fact that water tastes refreshing and clean, there are so many other benefits of drinking 80 ounces or more of water every day. Here are just a few…

** Being hydrated reduces/eliminates headaches

** Being hydrated fights fatigue/give you energy

**Drinking water is an appetite suppressant (most of the time that you think you are hungry, you are actually thirsty)

** Water helps kidney functioning properly

** Water helps Liver metabolize and flush out fat and toxins

** You can burn 30% more calories when hydrated

** Being hydrated will give you beautiful skin and hair

Seven Arden Hills Swim Athletes Recently Signed Letters of Intent to Prestigious Colleges

Seven Arden Hills Swim Athletes Recently Signed Letters of Intent to Prestigious Colleges

Seven high school seniors -- all of whom are talented swimmers who train at Arden Hills -- recently gathered at the wellness resort where, surrounded by supportive friends and families, they made their final decisions and signed letters of intent to accept college scholarships for 2014.

The Arden Hills swim athletes who recently signed letters of intent include the following:
- Maddison Johnson, St. Francis High School -- Texas Christian University
- Alexis Martinez, St. Francis High School -- Seattle University
- Brittany Oxley, Vista Del Lago High School -- University of South Carolina
- Savannah Sellers, Home Schooled -- University of California, Davis
- Matt Spallas, Pleasant Grove High School -- Texas Christian University
- Jake Struckmeyer, Del Campo High School -- University of the Pacific
- Taylor Yamahata, Rio Americano High School -- Dartmouth College


Sac Fashion Week partnering with Miss Sacramento County

Sac Fashion Week partnering with Miss Sacramento County


Sacramento, CA – October 22nd, 2013 – Sac Fashion Week is partnering with the Miss Sacramento County Pageant to preview select showcasing designers for 2014.  The Miss Sacramento County Pageant (Ages 19-27) and Miss Sacramento County Teen Pageant (ages 13-18) will be held November 10th Hyatt Regency Hotel located at 1209 L Street Sacramento, CA.  Doors open at 3 p.m. to the prestigious Capital View Room on the 15th floor. 

Celebrity performances for the pageant include Bobby DeBarge Jr and Andre Mieux (A.M.X) and will be hosted by local radio personality Nina Hajian.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit Glass Slipper—designed to encourage “at-risk” girls ages 12-18 to follow their dreams—and the Mariposa House Project.

13 Employers, More Than 36 Openings at Rancho Cordova Job Fair

13 Employers, More Than 36 Openings at Rancho Cordova Job Fair

On Thursday, October 3rd,  Assemblyman Ken Cooley (D-Rancho Cordova) helped 43 people connect with local employers currently filling open positions during his job fair in Rancho Cordova.

Hosted at the Cordova Neighborhood Church with support from the Folsom Cordova Community Partnership, attendees were able to talk with 13 organizations currently hiring for more than 36 positions in manufacturing, operations, maintenance, and sales and customer service.

“Today’s competitive market has made finding a job harder than it has ever been in your life,” said Cooley. “By being here to talk face to face with employers, you are giving yourself a competitive edge to hear what they are really looking for and creating an impression that could lead to a good career.”

In addition to talking with local employers, attendees were able to get coaching during two workshops on resume building and interview techniques.

Miley Cyrus' VMA Acceptance Speech

Momservation: The harder someone tries to prove they’re grown up, the more infantile they look.

☺ ☺ ☺

It is the performance heard around the social media world. It lit up Twitter, setting a new record for tweets per minute. It has caused a social media storm that has the Parents Television Council urging us to grab our children and run for cover from the filth and debauchery the MTV Video Music Awards continues to rain upon us. And the Urban Dictionary is likely to crash due to adults over 30 rushing to look up “twerking.”

Miley Cyrus you have arrived.

Your parents must be so proud.

Your fiancé has to be thrilled that he scooped you up when he did.

Your friends must be giddy by association.

Your publicist so grateful for all that you’ve done…

…to ruin everything you’ve done to be taken seriously as an artist and be accepted as a quality human being...

Sacramento Man Creates Unique Business of Saving Memories

Sacramento Man Creates Unique Business of Saving Memories

After a varied and colorful career spanning everything from environmental activism to running a passport photo business, Marty Nelson opened Video Lab Multimedia, now located at 2630 Arden Way. Since 1985, as he tells it, he’s been in the business of saving memories.

In fact, Nelson is confident that Video Lab provides the most comprehensive source for saving memories in Sacramento and possibly Northern California.

In short, customers bring in everything from VHS tapes, audiotapes, vinyl records, old photos and negatives, professional format video, 8 and 16mm film and just about everything else out there and Nelson transfers, duplicates or even edits them into a more contemporary, durable, longer lasting digital format, including DVDs and hard drives. Memories saved!

And what sorts of memories is Nelson saving? Everything from irreplaceable home movies to slides of precious family vacations to old ¼ inch audiotape reels.