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Gov. Brown issues legislative update

September 25, 2017 |

Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the following legislation into law... Read More

Gov. Jerry Brown's utilities commissioners must face more questions before a senate vote

By Dan Bacher | August 29, 2017 |  

The California Senate Rules Committee voted 3 - 0 on August 23 to confirm Governor Jerry Brown’s nomination of Clifford Rechtschaffen and Martha Guzman Aceves as commissioners on the California Public Utilities Commission, but Senate leaders said the two have serious questions to answer before the confirmation is put to a floor vote.
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After Rally at Bera's District Office, The Resistance Schedules Organizing Meeting

February 6, 2017 |   
After successfully organizing a rally at Congressman Dr. Ami Bera's field office last week, a new political activist group has announced a general meeting tomorrow night.
Called The Resistance, the Sacramento-Elk Grove-based group was organized in opposition to President Donald Trump's agenda which they characterized as "hateful." 
 “I knew all the things Donald Trump promised in his campaign could actually become reality, and it was terrifying,” Jaclyn Moreno, the group's founder said. “I wanted to become active in some way to help my community, and the Indivisible Guide gave me a roadmap on how to do that. That’s why I started The Resistance.”... Read More

Swearing In for mayor, council members

Mayor Christopher Cabaldon,  along with Council Members Beverly “Babs” Sandeen and Quirina Orozco were sworn into office at a City Hall ceremony last night.

Cabaldon and Sandeen were re-elected to office.  Orozco beat a strong field to replace recently retired Council Member Bill Kristoff. It was the Mayor’s 10th time taking the oath!

Also at the meeting, West Sacramento resident and Olympic athlete Kim Conley was presented with a proclamation recognizing her achievements as a world class runner and a role model for the West Sacramento community.

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Oct 18 Rancho Cordova Luncheon with Folsom Lake College President

Oct 18 Rancho Cordova Luncheon with Folsom Lake College President

Newly appointed President of Folsom Lake College, Dr. Rachel Rosenthal joins us for the October edition of the Rancho Cordova Luncheon. 

Join us for updates on what's up around town, great food and plenty of wonderful company.

It's the one, the only...

The Rancho Cordova Luncheon         

11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. 

Friday, October 18

Rancho Cordova City Hall 

2729 Prospect Park Dr.

Lunch is $12 for members WITH RESERVATIONS, $20 for non-members AND MEMBERS WITHOUT RESERVATIONS! Reservation deadline is October 17.