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Sacramento's Haunted Hot Spots
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Sacramento's Haunted Hot Spots

California's capital is home to a large number of haunted hot spots.  What's surprising are some of the locations you'll see on this list.  In addition to the expected spooky houses, cemeteries, and theaters, you'll find rivers, beaches, and even a Burger King.

At the end of the list is a link to an interactive map you can use to see most of the spots listed below (homes are omitted for homeowner privacy) with a description of their paranormal occurrences.

Sit back, grab a snack and enjoy discovering a litle more about Sacramento and the surrounding area's afterlife.


Burger King on Florin Rd.- A gunman walked in during a busy lunch hour and shot the store manager and turned the gun on himself. It is believed that on certain late night shifts the people working can hear gunshots and screams as if the event is being reenacted by the spirits involved.

Citrus Heights and Antelope Area - Former site of a temporary Japanese internment camp, forlorn Asian ghosts have appeared in the bedrooms, living rooms, garages, and front yards of homes in the area.

California State Library - In the California Section, the ghost of an old man with glasses has been spotted looking over old books. It is also said that there is a tunnel that goes from the California State Library to the Capitol and those tunnels might be haunted.

The staff often hears the sound of Mylar rustling, most of the time it sounds like someone shelving or pulling out books.

One employee working in the office a little before 7 a.m. and heard the wooden shutters on the door leading into the copy machine area rattle. Thinking it was a custodian entering he initially paid it no mind until he realized he had not heard the front door, which was locked, open. Acquainted with the stories surrounding the Sacramento Room and having had prior experiences in the building he wasn't surprised to discover no one there. A complete walk through the room found it completely empty! Subsequent conversation with custodian Caroline revealed that no employee had been in that area at that time.

Crocker Art Museum - Reports of feeling a presence, hearing squeak of the floor boards, and seeing the apparition of a man.

CSUS Theater -  Haunted by a young man fell from the second floor and was impaled on the steel girders of the site while it was still under construction. His presence has been felt near the elevator that runs between the Scene Shop and the Costume Shop, on the catwalks, and in the light booth.

Delta King River Boat - Haunted by the ghost of the original captain. Employees have seen him sitting in the balcony during productions, foot steps are heard above deck, a glass of water spilled by unseen force onto the sound board in the sound booth.

House on Parkshore Circle – Greenhaven - The people that lived in this house had a white rabbit. One day, the occupant of the home tied the white rabbit named Bugs to a long rope, so he could play in the backyard and not escape, since Bugs was the family pet. Bugs got entangled in the bushes by the rope and broke his neck. Passerbys walking in Seymour Park see a white rabbit in the front lawn playing and as they watch, the white rabbit dissipates into thin air.

Iceland Skating Rink - The original owner and builder of Sacramento's oldest ice skating rink still makes his rounds at night. "Pops" Kerth, father of Sacramento City Councilman, and mayoral hopeful, Rob Kerth, wanders the dark, cold rink at 4 a.m., just as he always did, making certain all is well.

Freeport Factory - It is said that the Freeport Factory is Haunted by workers that died on the job. If you are able to open a door into the factory make sure you hold on or the door will swing shut and lock on its own. You can also hear the laughter of little children as if they were playing in a playground.

Hwy 50 Exit off W Street - In the 70s a woman was hitchhiking off this exit and she was murdered. Her murder was never solved. Some people say that every once in a while, they see a ghostly image of a woman hitchhiking in the same area at night.

The Mansion on the corner of 8th and M Streets - The image of Governor Leland Stanford's dead son appeared to him here.

Old Sacramento Tunnels - Buried because of the rising waters of the Sacramento River, it’s rumored that the underground area of Old Sacramento is so haunted that the transients don't like sleeping down there. Apparently, the tunnels had served as opium dens, brothels and possibly for ritualistic activity at some point. Several business owners with access to the tunnels have reported an extremely menacing energy and strange noises coming from the tunnels, and went so far as to hire a paranormal investigator.

Paradise Beach - Briefing: A man is sometimes seen walking the beach. It is said that this man was a drowning victim.

The Perrault House - Notorious in the late 1950s for its widely-witnessed instances of light bulbs bursting in their socket, objects hanging in midair, and fires starting in the furniture. 

Puente House - In the 80's it was a boarding house for senior citizens. Dorothea Puente, the landlady, was subsequently found guilty of murdering her boarders and burying them in the backyard so that she could collect their social security checks. Photos taken in front of the house show anomalies and ectoplasm mist.

Pocket Area Homes – Some homes here were built over a Portuguese cemetery and the the levy in the area is also said to have been built on Indian burial grounds. Residents have complained that they have seen spirits in their new homes.

The Record Store on K Street Mall - An old woman in Victorian clothing appears to patrons and disappears. She is known to go up to a noisy patron and told him to keep the noise down. It is rumored she haunts the basement.

Richard Trenton Chase’s Victim's Homes - Briefing: Richard Trenton Chase also known as The Vampire of Sacramento committed some grisly murders in Sacramento. He was a serial killer that dabbled in drinking the blood of his victims and cannibalism. As a child he mutilated animals. It appears that at some of his victim's homes, there may be some residual hauntings, the reenactment of murder plays over and over again.

Sacramento City Cemetery - Reports of several apparitions including a couple dressed in black, a pit bull who follows visitors around the cemetery and suddenly disappears (no animals are allowed inside the gates), and a little girl seen playing near the headstone of a deceased child. The cemetery is closed at night except for occasional guided tours and is well known for its numerous hauntings.

Sacramento’s favorite ghost has to be May Woolsey, whose gravestone at the cemetary is said to emanate a positive energy.  The 12-year-old girl died in 1879 from encephalitis, then appeared to her parents and told them she was not yet dead but just “waiting” for them on the Other Side.

Sacramento River - Greenhaven Area - Gloria Drive - Late at night as you walk down the embankment, you can see a campfire going. As you approach the campfire, the campfire disappears. It is rumored that a transient drowned in this area and the campfire you see is the campfire he would make on his cold nights camping along the river.

Sacramento Theater Company - Reported to be one of the most haunted buildings in Sacramento, this theater is home to at least five ghosts. The most well known specter, believed to be a former stagehand, has been affectionately dubbed "Pinky" because of the glowing pink aura that is often seen near hot spots. Disturbances include footsteps heard on the stage after hours, a man walking the hallways, lights flickering. The theater is currently under paranormal investigation.

Two phantasms hang around the upstairs, stage-left dressing room. One was a tall, thin man with a mustache, who has been identified as a former volunteer. The other is a very sad Polish actress by the name of Madame Modjeska, who image is often seen in one of the large mirrors in the room.

In 1994, investigators recorded unexplainable footsteps crossing the McClatchy Mainstage and photographed numerous infrared anomalies during a séance in the Stage Two area.

Sand Cove Park - Ghost lights appear from time to time. A woman's voice saying "Te papa" near the Sacramento River. Sight was possibly an Indian Burial Ground or Mine Shafts.

The Woodland Opera House - The ghost of a fireman killed fighting a fire there haunts the north balcony and basement dressing rooms.





Bell's General Store - Built in 1849, the brick building was the center of activity for the large community of gold miners that settled around Sutter's Mill. Modern visitors have reported hearing the ringing of a nonexistent bell as the ghosts of former customers walk through the doorway.

Marshall's Monument - On June 24, 1848 James Marshall found 2 nuggets. They were caught in the tailrace of the waterwheel at the logging Mill operated by him and his partner John Sutter. It was the beginning of the California Gold Rush. Between 1847 & 1860, the population of Ca. grew from 15,000 to 380,000 largely because of that single event. Fanatical gold seekers followed Marshall wherever he went, thinking that he had a magical gift for finding gold. He died broken and destitute August 10, 1885 and was buried here. His restless ghost has been seen as an indistinct shadow following visitors to his monument.

Pioneer Cemetery - The Phantom of a lady in burgundy watches over the Schieffer family plot in the old settlers graveyard. According to the markers, William Schieffer died 1861 at age 2, Charles Schieffer died 1864 at age 42 and May Schieffer died 1890 at age 27. The ghost is a woman whose hair is parted in the middle and pulled tightly into a bun. She is wearing a long, flowing, burgundy dress and can be seen from the roadside beckoning passersby to come up to thegrave site and visit with her.

Sheridan- Lincoln - Manzanita Cemetery – Reported by a local firefighter while fighting a wild land fire, the fire had burned up to the back of the cemetery. Appeared to stop at the back fencing, then parted going around the cemetery and continued around the perimeter of the site with no logical explanation. Also strange sounds can be heard coming from the site from about dusk late into the early hours of the morning as well as seeing blackened shadows moving acrossthe grounds. The locals do not frequent this 1800s cemetery. Perhaps that's the reason the cemetery is so active.

Sierra Nevada House - A mischievous spirit inhabits this hotel which was established in 1850. Co owner Gail Masi says her employees named the ghost Christopher and blames him for moving pots and pans, hiding knives and forks, and turning off the teakettles and other harmless pranks. A malevolent spirit named Mark haunted room 4 according to psychic Jeanne Smith. He shot his girlfriend in that room.

The Vineyard House - The Vineyard House has been reportedly haunted by its original owners for many years. The house was built some time in the late 1800s, and was used over the years as a jail, an inn and restaurant, and, as its name implies, a winery. It was also at one time supposedly the site of where some executions took place.

According to records, the original owners who built the house suffered one tragedy after another. Several of their young children died, their winery was forced to close, and one of the owners, Robert Chalmers, went mad and was chained up in the cellar by his wife.  Chalmers later died there from starvation. 

Later residents were so spooked by shimmering apparitions and the sounds of rattling chains, that no one would live there.

The basement was also used as a bar, and late one night after closing hours the owner was cleaning up and wiping down he bar. He said that there was one last glass at the far end of the bar, and as he was cleaning, the glass suddenly began to shake, and then it slid all the way across until it finally stopped right in front of him. He admitted that he had no rational explanation for what he'd seen. It is

The entire family is buried directly across the street in a graveyard that overlooks the house. Reports of seeing ghosts in the graveyard have also come forth in the past, but most of the stories took place inside the house.

Reported sightings of full apparitions, sounds of rustling skirts, and an area near the kitchen that is constantly cold are just a few of the many phenomena reported at the Vineyard House.

Wah Lee Store/Museum - Eerie waves of murmuring voices have been heard inside this general store. The ghostly sounds of years gone by seeming to rise and fall like the ocean waves. Chattering by the sound of hitting a meat cleaver on a butchers block.



Old City Hall/Police Station - Davis PD moved to a new building recently, after having been in the old City Hall that was built in 1938 or so. Downstairs, after it was vacated, in the Women's restroom, there was seen a wild haired redheaded woman rushing toward the 2nd stall door in an 'attack' posture with outstretched arms and claw-like hands towards a person's face.



Preston Castle - Preston Castle has been featured on numerous television programs due to the high level of paranormal activity reported on its grounds.  Originally opened as a type of reform school, the Castle has numerous areas, inside and out, where former inmates apparently refuse to leave.   

The living quarters of the former school are believed to have a number of “residual” haunts.  The Castle cemetery, which is home to a reported 23 deceased inmates, is also said to house spirits, cold spots, feelings of intense fear and depressing emotions.

Peculiar sounds have also been heard in all areas of Preston Castle.


The National Hotel - Built in the late 1800's the building was restored recently with the exception of the left wing. Lights flicker, cold spots and creepy feeling in this wing of the building. The hotel has hosted miners and tourists who come looking for hauntings.



Camp Far West Lake Recreational Area - An Indian Burial Grounds lies within the boundary lines of this private property. As with most Indian Burial Grounds the sinister power is quite strong after several generations. Stories of misfortune befalling intruders and their families are abundant, including unexplained deaths, murders and suicides.



Cary House Hotel - The Cary House Hotel is one of Placerville’s most haunted sites where visitors often come to investigate the supernatural. Room 212 is said to be the most haunted.

Chamber of Commerce Building - The ghost of a bearded man wearing a top hat has been spotted on the mezzanine of this old landmark. Employees summoned police several times over the last 15 years in attempts to rid the bldg of his presence. They say he resembles descriptions of the towns official hangman seen in old pictures taken nearly 150 years ago when the town was know as Hangtown. Most of the hangings took place on the property where the Chamber of Commerce Bldg is now located. 542 Main Street.

Empire Antiques - formerly posted as Empire Theater - May 2004 Update -The theater has since closed down. There have been reports of ghosts walking up and down the isles, and in the bathroom, & cold spots

Hangman's Tree Cafe - The ghost of claim jumpers and outlaws, many sentenced to hang from an old oak tree here are said to harass patrons and employees of this small restaurant. Several drivers have reported seeing the apparitions while passing by in their automobiles.

The Soda Works - Coffee Shop/Saloon - The former owner can't seem to let go. There is an unfinished mine, where supplies were kept and in the summer heat, served as a morgue before refrigeration. He likes to turn on the bathroom taps and open and close doors. He also likes to hang out at the upstairs bar. He has even called the new owner on cellular phone. No one was on the line, but the caller ID kept reading the phone number to the Soda Works.



Woodcreek High School - A ghost by the name of Mac haunts the theatre. He is known for dropping lights from the ceiling. Locking doors in the theatre...and tripping actors backstage



Prospector Road - The ghost of an old gold miner allegedly emerges from the weeds along the road in the foothills. 

Sailor’s Bar on the American River - The phantom of a man in his twenties has been sighted on the beach beneath the Sunrise Boulevard bridge.



La Casa Drive - There is a strange mist that hovers at times, no matter the climate. Sounds of Native American drumming can be heard late at night or early in the morning.  A Native American Warrior has also been seen coming out of the mist.



County Courthouse - Shouting can be heard in the underground holding cells at night when the place is empty. The night guard also reports hearing the holding cell door on the second floor slamming closed when no one is there.

San Joaquin Delta College.-  The students have told of hearing voices, when there is no one around, hearing footsteps and no one is coming, and other strange situations, such as chairs moving on their own and rooms that get very cold extremely fast.



The Sutter Creek Inn - is haunted by a former California senator and his wife. The Senator is heard pacing upstairs in the main house and his wife is sometimes seen in the hallway.



Yuba City High School Theater - The ghosts of students who died in a bus crash in the 70s have often been seen on the stage. Opening night of the musical fiddler on the roof was disrupted by the lights not working. Apparitions have been seen by the light cage and the costume closets. Cold spots are always felt in the tool room.


Following is your complete map to most of the haunted locations listed above.  Click on the link to find out where the ghosts are hanging out in your town.
Interactive Haunted Hot Spots Map


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