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Photo Gallery | And it's Craigslist to the Rescue...

News10 had reported earlier that an Australian Cattle Dog was rescued from the bottom of a cliff at Lake Natomas on Aug 26 and that authorities were seeking help in finding this dog's family.  Well, we have great news!

The dog was reunited with her family last night, and when you learn how this story came together, it just might put a smile on your face.

Here's how this story begins.

After experience a 7 mile perilous journey which ended at the bottom of a cliff on the shore of Lake Natomas, Hedo was noticed by a Folsom prison sergeant.  He could see her from across the river from the prison.  He called the Folsom Fire Department, and they took their boat out and rescued her.  The rescue photos are above.

From that point on she was being cared for by Folsom Police Animal Services, and after 10+ days, the story of the mysterious appearance of Hedo, her rescue and the subsequent family reunion unfolded.

So, where did Hedo come from?

Animal Services Officer Cindy Walden told News10 that Hedo actually lives in Granite Bay.  The family told Walden that they thought Hedo might have gotten spooked by the PA announcement at the Friday night Granite Bay High School football game.  How she ended up seven miles away in Folsom, is anyone's guess.

Since the family lived in Granite Bay, they naturally reached out to the Placer County animal shelter, but Hedo was in Folsom, which is not in Placer County.

How did Hedo and her family connect?

Well it's all due to the heartfelt and committed determination of Walden.  Walden told News10, "I knew she had a family.  She was just too well cared for and too nice of a dog to not have a family."  So, Walden made a decision to post a missing dog article on Craigslist several different days in several different ways.  And IT WORKED!

The Granite Bay family saw the posting and 10 plus days after Hedo disappeared, this sweet dog was reunited with her family.

Here's a BIG CALL OUT to Animal Services Officer Cindy Walden and the Folsom Fire Department and the Folsom prison staff, who took time to help out a dog in distress.